As you navigate the bureaucratic process of starting a business in Indonesia, you will come across a term called surat rekom. This document, which stands for recommendation letter, plays a crucial role in obtaining various licenses and permits. In this article, we will explore the definition, function, format, and examples of surat rekom to help you understand its importance in the Indonesian business landscape.

Pengertian (Definition) of Surat Rekom

Surat rekom is a recommendation letter issued by a government agency or chamber of commerce to support an individual or company’s application for licenses or permits. It serves as a testament to the applicant’s credibility, competency, and legal compliance in conducting their business activities. The letter contains the recommending organization’s official seal, signature, and contact details, and it is usually attached to the required application documents.

Fungsi (Function) of Surat Rekom

The primary function of surat rekom is to increase the applicant’s chances of obtaining the necessary licenses and permits to operate their business legally. By providing a recommendation from a reputable and relevant organization, the applicant can demonstrate their trustworthiness and capability to fulfill the requirements for the permit. Additionally, surat rekom can expedite the application process, as it shows that the recommending organization has conducted due diligence on the applicant’s background and suitability for the license.

Tujuan (Purpose) of Surat Rekom

The purpose of surat rekom is to ensure that the government only grants licenses and permits to qualified and reliable individuals or companies who comply with the legal and ethical standards of conducting business. It aims to prevent fraudulent or illegal activities by verifying the applicant’s identity, reputation, and track record. Furthermore, surat rekom promotes transparency and accountability in the licensing process by involving other stakeholders in assessing the applicant’s eligibility.

Format of Surat Rekom

The format of surat rekom may vary depending on the recommending organization and the purpose of the letter. However, some common elements of a surat rekom include:

  • Letterhead or official stationery of the recommending organization
  • Date of issuance
  • Name and address of the applicant
  • Name and position of the authorized signatory
  • Statement of recommendation or endorsement of the applicant
  • Reasons for the recommendation, such as the applicant’s qualifications, experience, or compliance with regulations
  • Contact details of the recommending organization, including phone number, email, and address
  • Official seal or stamp of the recommending organization
  • Signature of the authorized signatory

Contoh (Examples) of Surat Rekom

Here are some examples of surat rekom in different contexts:

Surat Rekom from the Chamber of Commerce

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are pleased to recommend Mr. John Doe, the owner of XYZ Company, for the application of a trading license in the city of Jakarta. Based on our assessment of Mr. Doe’s business plan and background, we believe that he possesses the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to operate a legitimate and profitable trading business.

Mr. Doe has been a member of our chamber of commerce for three years, and he has actively participated in various events and programs that we have organized. He has shown a commitment to upholding the ethical and professional standards of our industry, and he has contributed to the growth and development of our business community.

We are confident that Mr. Doe will comply with all the relevant regulations and requirements for the trading license, and we endorse his application with full confidence.


John Smith

Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce

Surat Rekom from the Police Department

To Whom It May Concern,

This is to certify that Ms. Jane Doe, the owner of ABC Restaurant, has no criminal record or involvement in any unlawful activities that could jeopardize the safety and security of her business and customers. Our department has conducted a thorough background check on Ms. Doe, including her personal information, financial status, and business operations, and we have found no evidence of any illegal or unethical behavior.

Ms. Doe has cooperated with our department in maintaining the public order and safety in her vicinity, and she has taken measures to prevent any potential risks or threats to her restaurant. We therefore recommend Ms. Doe’s application for a restaurant permit, and we are available to provide any further assistance or information if required.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Johnson

Chief of the Police Department

FAQs about Surat Rekom

When do I need a surat rekom?

You may need a surat rekom when applying for various licenses and permits, such as a trading license, restaurant permit, construction permit, or mining permit. The specific requirements may vary depending on the region or sector, but you can consult with the relevant government agencies or business associations to determine whether a surat rekom is necessary for your application.

Who can issue a surat rekom?

A surat rekom can be issued by various organizations, such as government agencies, chambers of commerce, professional associations, or community groups. The recommending organization should be relevant and reputable in your industry or sector, and they should have the authority and expertise to assess your eligibility for the license or permit.

How long does it take to obtain a surat rekom?

The processing time for a surat rekom may vary depending on the recommending organization’s workload and procedures. You should consult with the organization beforehand to determine the estimated timeline for issuing the letter. In some cases, you may need to provide additional documents or information to expedite the process.

Can I apply for a license without a surat rekom?

It depends on the specific requirements of the license or permit. Some applications may require a surat rekom as a mandatory document, while others may only recommend it as a supporting document. You should check with the relevant government agencies or business associations to determine the necessary documents for your application.

Do I need to pay for a surat rekom?

The cost of a surat rekom may vary depending on the recommending organization and the complexity of the assessment. Some organizations may provide the letter for free as part of their membership or service, while others may charge a fee for their expertise and resources. You should clarify the cost and payment method with the recommending organization before applying for the letter.


Surat rekom is an essential document for anyone who wants to start a business in Indonesia. It can increase your credibility, expedite your application process, and demonstrate your compliance with the legal and ethical standards of conducting business. By understanding the definition, function, format, and examples of surat rekom, you can ensure that your application is complete and convincing to the relevant authorities.